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Mario Play is one of less time consuming Mario games
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Mario Play is not another remake of Super Mario Bros; it is rather a separate game based on it. In the same Mario world we find our favourite plumber under attack of countless, multiplying enemies falling from the sky! Though the crazy plague cannot be stopped, it can be fought against – and that is your task in this Mario game! Jump onto the heads of Koopa Troopa and Goomba to score points and make the numbers of Bowser's armies less numerous, but be careful not to stomp on the Spikeys – they have sharp spikes; falling onto them hurts! Use Koopa shells to get rid of them and score additional points for beating many enemies in one move. Be ready for the geysers of golden coins falling out of the pipes – make sure to do your best to catch as many of them as possible! Act quickly, for as you play, there are more and more enemies to defeat – but remember that you have only three lives, so do not waste them too soon! To try your reflex in this funny, fan made game, download Mario Play and enjoy the gaming experience, while listening to lively techno background music. Mario Play is one of less time consuming Mario games – it will prove to be a great entertainment if you need a break from work!

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